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Ya se ven los adornos Navideños y las luces en las calles. Ya empieza a oler a leña, a calor de hogar, a alegría, a amistad, a ritual, a familia… Este año, los Reyes Magos; Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar, Papá Noel y el Amigo Invisible lo tienen claro: Apostar por las marcas pequeñas, por los objetos hechos con cariño, por las producciones responsables, sostenibles, exclusivas; por los diseños distintivos con un toque contemporáneo. Nuestras propuestas de regalos van dirigidas a toda la familia, y las hemos organizado en la web agrupadas por Bebé, Niños, Mamá y Papá, para que te resulte más fácil y cómodo. ¡Esperamos que te gusten y que aciertes con ellas!

New Paparajote Customized Newborn Kits The arrival of a baby is always cause for immense joy and excitement for this new Little person who comes to revolutionize our lives. Uniques gifts for spetial babies. Paparajote's new Customized Newborn Kits come from the idea of ​​welcoming the world in a special, tender and fun way. This original kit is composed of: A mini Cloud, which can be cotton or soft pile fabric, ideal for the cradle, to use as a dudu, embroidered little eyes and its design without appliques make it perfect to carry as a small play pad, such as small cushion roll in the trolley . Name embroidery option on the back of the cloud. Size of the cloud: 35 x 19 cm. A decorative Print, with a cloud design with the baby's name, printed in high quality paper, ideal to decorate babies room, with frame option or without frame. It provides an air of tranquility and relaxation perfect to place next to the cradle. A welcome Postcard with the baby's name. Being able to customize your Kit with the baby's name makes it a unique and special different gift. Approximate delivery time is 72 hours. Designed and manufactured 100% in Spain with love and care. It is a

Land of dreams for the youngest in the magazine Interiors The magazine Interiors, by the hand of Pia Minchot, proposes ideas to renovate the rooms of the kings of the house. We leave the summer and the holidays, and we return to school, to our winter spaces. During this summer period of freedom and few routines our little ones evolve, grow and mature, and on the turn we have to redesign their spaces, prepare them for the new stage that begins, renew them to begin with positive energy and good humor. We leave already the tones washed and begin to take force the greens, yellows, joyful and funny tones. Wallpapers, funny neon, Ballena reading armchair, adaptable desks and portable luminaire, proposed to create unique and special environments

A week ago was the Kinderboekenmarkt, the Children's Book Fair in The Hague, The Netherlands. In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy, the Festival included a space dedicated to Spain, which will include a selection of children's and youth books by Spanish authors. The Cervantes Institute launched a small Children's Library inside the Spanish Pavilion and asked us to collaborate with some of our pieces to create the appropriate scenery. Next to us, the carton-house of Cartonlab. The clouds L and the moon XL were protagonists of the children's space. Children and adults enjoyed a day dedicated to culture and books. The images that come to us from the photographer Ignacio do Campo Gan illustrate very well the relaxed and lively atmosphere. Several workshops were also organized for children. For more information you can consult the website of the Kinderboekenmarkt Foundation.