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Paparajote Factory





Triangular cushion. The collection Back to Nest is designed in warm and soft fabrics. What makes this collection unique is that their fabrics were recovered from old footwear factories. Mix it with other cushions of this collection.

Cover: Pile fabric and polar fleece cover
Size: 35x70 cm. (13.7x 27.3")
Filling: Polyester
Unremovable cover
Different front and back

Care instructions: Gentle wash. 30°C.Do not tumble dry.

Designed and crafted in Spain with care by Paparajote Factory.

Buy Valium In Australia

© Paparajote Factory · Valium Online Overnight · Poeta Sánchez Madrigal 7, 2D - 30004 Murcia Spain · T +34 868 931 093 ·