Papajarote Factory began in a Mediterranean city, from the hands of two designers, Pilar Larrotcha and Sonia de la Iglesia. The prominent light, the climate as well as the bliss and vitality of the place, mixed with a marked Nordic influence, run through each creation. 

The creaction of each product is carried out entirely in Spain, 100% handmade with special care using quality fabrics and true to our concept of quality guarantee.

Our collections are defined by the special care taken in choosing the shapes, sizes and textures that comprise each piece. Each one carries its own personality, enhanced with our own distinctive stylish signature. Our products are developed based on the simple thought of making you happier by touching textiles which recall comfort, warmth elegance and quality.

The name
 Paparajote comes from a traditional Murcian dessert made from a lemon tree leaf dipped in batter, deep fried and covered with sugar and cinnamon. The dough is then eaten hot while the lemon leaf is being thrown away.

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