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Valium Visa, Valium 20 Mg Online

Paparajote Factory


The difference is marked up in the small details. Socks are a perfect accessory to give a special touch to your look. Paparajote Factory launches its first socks collection, comfortable, original and fun. Designed and manufactured in Spain with the highest quality cotton.

Composition: Cotton: 80%, Lycra: 15%, Elastane: 5%

XS: (24-29 E.U. size)
S: (30-35 E.U. size)
M: (36-99 E.U. size)
L: (41-44 E.U. size)

Care instructions: Gentle wash. 30°C.Do not tumble dry.

Designed and crafted in Spain with care by Paparajote Factory.
Online Valium Reviews

Valium Visa, Valium 20 Mg Online

© Paparajote Factory · Cheap Generic Valium Online · Poeta Sánchez Madrigal 7, 2D - 30004 Murcia Spain · T +34 868 931 093 ·